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Testimonials by Alumni

Achieving New Zenith in academics is not elementary but motivation is a key to achieve your target and if you determined, diligent teachers than there is No Problem! the studious effort of all the subjective teachers made possible to achieve my goals
Moaz Siddiqui (Batch 2018-19)

Coming to WHSS was an eye opening experience about what studies in Pakistan meant. Although there were times that were rough, in the end we all came out strong through tears, laughter and much more what mattered the most was that we all succeeded in the end
Alina Asif Batch (2018-19)

From being an introvert to a Guinness World record holder, WHSS has played a major role in making me who i am today. Nevertheless, I can feel a change in my self not only academic skill but also helped me shine brighter by grooming my personality and building my confidence
Zaid Zakir (Batch 2018-19)