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Admission Process

WHSS offers admission in all classes from O1 till A-Levels in both science and commerce subjects. We take admission in any of O/A level classes through a comprehensive process which includes certain requirements of age, basic knowledge of subjects in class admission sought for and attitude towards studies. Following are the steps involved before finalization of an admission:


  1.  Application Form:
  2.  Aptitude Test:
  3.  Interview:
  4.  Issuance of Fee Voucher:
  5.  Finalization of Admission:


1.  Application Form:

The admission process starts from an Application Form. The application forms are available at Gulshan Campus (E-68 Block 4) for O levels and Gulshan Campus (E-73 Block 7) for A levels. The Application Form can also be filled through our website in Admission Tab via “Online Admission Form Morning Program”. All required documents and photographs must be submitted along with the application at the Admin Office.


Student will be informed for the acceptance or rejection of the application through phone call, email or letter within two days, and if application is accepted, date, time and venue for the test will also be communicated.


2. Aptitude Test:

To verify the required minimum basic knowledge, every new student is bound to appear in an aptitude test according to the level admission looking for. The details of the subjects to be tested are mentioned in “Admission Requirements”.


Test result will be informed through phone call, email or letter within two days. If the test results are satisfactory, the date, time and venue for the interview will also be informed to the student or parents. 


3. Interview:

A designated panel of teacher(s) will conduct a comprehensive interview of the student. Parents may also be asked to appear before interviewing panel, if required so.


Result of interview will be informed through phone call, email or letter within two days. Upon successful completion of interview, a seat will be offered.


4. Issuance of Fee Voucher:

Fee voucher will be issued for not more than seven days after finalization of admission process which is to be deposited in the designated branches of the bank. 


5.  Finalization of Admission:

Upon deposition of Fee voucher/challan in the bank and “School Copy” of paid fee voucher/challan at Admin Office, admission will be treated as confirmed. A letter of admission confirmation will be dispatched and the ID card will be issued to student.