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WHSS Executive Committee



Composition of council:

The success of any democracy can be assured if their populace is duly represented; hence promoting proportional representation in true spirit is our objective. At least two to four students will be nominated from each section of the campus for the student’s council. The student’s council would be headed by Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl and all the debate, discussions and recommendations would be tabled in front of executive committee.



WHSS Executive Committee:

This is the highest tier of WHSS governing body which actually comprises of the cabinet members nominated from existing student’s council. One council member out of 2-4 members represents his or her class to the core body which is jointly headed by Head boy and Head girl. So the total number of executive committee members is one council member from each section of the campus across science and commerce departments along with two elected members in the form head boy and head girl and one person representing the WHSS administration as an ex-officio member become the part of the main body. All the final recommendations are presented to the Chairman, WHSS for approval.


Standing committees


Standing Committees are basically a fact finding, consensus building and policy recommending body consisting of student’s council members. These committees form a link between WHSS government, WHSS executive council and students in general. Standing Committees present their findings to the student’s council and can be called again in the executive council meeting if needed. Some of the planned executive committees are as under:

  • Cafeteria Committee
  • Library Committee
  • Disciplinary committee
  • Academics Committee
  • Literary committee
  • Public speaking Committee
  • Transport Committee
  • Sports Committee
  • Examination Analysis Committee
  • Event management Committee
  • Information Technology committee
  • Social networking monitoring committee
  • Career Development Committee
  • Workshop Committee
  • Campus maintenance committee
  • Faculty and administration Evaluation Committee