Addmission OPen

1. Why should I choose WHSS?

You can choose WAHAJ HUSSAIN’S school system for following reasons:

    1. A tuition-less teaching environment( single fee double advantage)
    2. No tuition means more time for social life,
    3. Specialists teachers under one roof
    4. Personality grooming through activities.
    5. Career guidance with solution
    6. Special care for under-performing students.
    7. Near-exams FREE workshops

2. How to apply in WHSS?

Students can apply both through online and by paying a visit to the respective campus for admission. Our admission counselor can properly guide you if you have any issue regarding subject selection and our process of admission.

3. What is the right time to apply in WHSS?

Admissions are offered here in January. In case we have seats we too offer admission after CIE results. 

4. Do you provide workbooks/notes/books from your school?

It is commonly believe that tuition teachers are more effective because they teach through different methods provide their well processed notes cover majority of past papers emphasize the concept building part with different presentations and illustrations. Here at WHSS we provide all these facilities supplemented by double classes unlike tuitions and extra classes and workshops.

5. What are the criteria for admission?

Before CIE results we give unconditional admission on the basis of getting through our internal aptitude test and interview. After CIE results, admissions are offered on the basis of CIE results and interview.

6. What do you mean single fees double advantage?

It means that student can attain high standard education without taking tuitions in a single fee, which means students would be free in his evening for his other activities other than wasting time in tuitions. It is one of the biggest strength behind the success of WAHAJ HUSSAIN`s School System. We believe that if a student is studying in any school and that school provides quality education, then there must be no need to take tuitions. One must think thoroughly before selecting a school/college because quality of educational standards defines either one should take tuition or not.

We are proud that in WAHAJ HUSSAIN`s we understand the academic needs of students to achieve better grades and we have successfully provided them a standard which helped them to excel without taking tuitions. We are strict in our educational standards and policies which have helped us to establish ourselves as a credible name for pursuing an enviable future.


7. Do you conduct PTM on regular basis?


We don’t have traditional process of PTM like any other school but we encourage parents to visit the campus anytime to discuss the progress of their son or daughter, So that every issue can solved without delay. In order to address the issues of the students pertaining to their academics or otherwise we call up the parents and even invite them for a meeting with the academics heads and concern teachers. Through this process issues can be preempted and can be solved with in time unlike the traditional PTM.

11. Every school claims that they do not allow tutions, how do you believe you claim of not having tution environment?

The definition of a good school is that it should create an environment where students can feel comfortable with all the subject teachers for their CIE preparation but it doesn`t happen anywhere as different reasons are cited for tuition need.The rush of students at tuition centers depict the dilemma being faced by parents and students. Since the parents can`t afford a bad grade in any subject, hence they have no options and send them to the best teachers at tuition. Reasons can be frequent switching of teachers, less emphasis on past papers, more interest of teachers at tuition rather than at schools, less salary at school, inept curriculum planning of final year students of O levels by not revising of syllabi from scratch, lack of resolution of personal queries because of part time teachers culture at majority of teachers at A levels colleges, more emphasis on syllabi completion rather than proper examination preparation and so on so forth.

We at WHSS not only prohibit it but actually create such an environment where students own need of tuitions hardly arise. It looks very simple, but it is not. We have done a comprehensive research before launching this system and tried to know the reasons for compelling the students towards and we address most of the issues simultaneously. These resources include: extra help and support from the respective teachers and learning support from formal tutorial sessions accessible throughout the week. Since we have started this system on this very premis, our result has borne the testimony that the mere planning with self-sufficient mindset can work wonders in this regard by keeping the teachers on board and students being the beneficiary.

12. How does the house system works?

WHSS has four Houses. All students joining WHSS are randomly placed into a House – though siblings are placed in the same House. Students stay in the same House throughout their time at school. Intra-school sports and other events are conducted on a House basis. Each student participating in these sports and events represents their House. Success earns points for the House, with one House being declared victorious at the end of the academic year. 

13. What facilities will I receive in school campuses?

Our campus supports are vision of being a benchmark in the field of education. We have;

    1. Air conditioned class room
    2. CCTV camera
    3. Library including books and past papers on every  subject
    4. Peaceful and healthy environment at cafeteria with fresh food
    5. Visual aid in class for enhanced experience
    6. Well-furnished practical lab
    7. Conference room
    8. Multi Purpose Auditoriums 
    9. Prayer area
    10. Play area with Indoor games like table tennis, foosball, chess and carom board.
    11. Inhouse Futsal, Basket Ball, Throwball, Netball Multipurpose ground     

14. What extra-curricular activities does WHSS offer?

At WHSS we not only emphasize on quality education but also on equal attention is given to extra curriculum activities. We believe that these activities play important role in developing personalities and sense of healthy competition in our students. We have varieties in annual dinners, picnics, B.B.Q party, Meelad, Students council elections, Events like students weeks, Crazy party, student societies, debate completion, art work, Math Olympiad, photography, music, drama etc.

15. Will I be allowed to change my subject choices once I have started at WHSS?

Yes we do give an option to students in the first month about switching their subjects. 

16. On which criteria will i be evaluated for admission?

WHSS will consider your application form, your work in admission test, your attitude and responses in interviews along with your previous recommendations and performances in other schools.

17. What must be included in my recommendation letter?

Your letter must include;

  1. Why you are recommending this person?
  2. Honest Comments on Skills and accomplishments
  3. Character
  4. Consistency
  5. Potential