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Open the gates to a better tomrrow:
Welcome to WHSS

Welcome to a place of magic.

Welcome to the school whose rooms see potentials being realized every day and lives being transformed.


Welcome to Wahaj Hussain School System, Karachi; a school following the Cambridge Curriculum and acclaimed as cradle of innovation in education in the city. If you are looking for system where mind, spirit and body are nurtured to be their best version, you have come to the right place. Explore the different facets of what makes us one of the most exciting, credible and leading name in the field of primary and secondary education

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Dean's Message

Sir wahaj

Thank you for taking out time to visit our website and giving us the opportunity to connect. WHSS is a birth child of a vision and that is to enable the youth of today to not only overcome the challenged for tomorrow but to go beyond. To shape the future.



Such a vision needs it fair share of resources and planning. It gives me immense satisfaction and pride to see what we have accomplished in the last 8 years. Acclaimed faculty with a proven track record and an experienced admin core, purpose-built facility, state of the art labs and library, sports facilities and a relentless passion to see our children become the leaders for tomorrow.


Hop on board and join us on the path of self-discovery and development.

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Top Notch Academic Performance

The hallmark of a school is the result it produces and Alhamdulillah, WHSS boasts one of the best results in CAIEs in the city. For the 2021 -2022, the number of As and their split is given as belows. This is a testament to the hard work of our students and the academic excellence we pursue in our classrooms through qualified and dedicated teachers.

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Cream of the Crop

Our students have made us proud over the years and we are proud to have been part of thier successes. Presenting below the cream of WHSS in the CAIEs 2022 -23 Session.

Number of students receiving As in O3


Number of students receiving As in O2


Number of students receiving As in O1


The complete gazette of our results can be downloaded from the link below:

For more success stories, please click on the years below:


Top Notch Faculty curating successful careers

Our teachers, our pride are qualified, well-reputed and well renowned in the city for their relentless pursuit of academic excellence and we have  more than a thousand alumni to back this claim. Every faculty member ensures that the students at WHSS have easy access to learning and to ensure continuous improvement on a daily basis.


Highly Qualified Faculty with Cambridge F2F Certifications


Experienced Faculty members will special emphasis on problem solving and class management


Easily accessible faculty members which believe in giving extra hours if required.


Proven Track Record of achieving one of the best results in town.

Grade: O1

Grade: O2

Grade: O3

To find out how does the O1 (9th Grade)
Classroom look, click on the link below:

To find out how does the O2 (10th Grade) Classroom look, click on the link below:

To find out how does the O3 (11th Grade) Classroom look, click on the link below:


To see how Assessments at WHSS forge stronger students and better result, click on the link below

WHSS Report Card

From the Session of  2023- 2024, WHSS is moving to a holistic report card. Find out more

report card2

Cambridge Learning Outcome

Cambridge curriculum for the O Levels and IGCSE has a very robust set of learning outcomes which need to be instilled in its students. The curriculum is designed in a way that children become independent learners through a rigorous process of reflection. WHSS strives to apply the principle of Cambridge O Level Program in its teaching methodologies and curriculum. 

5 steps to grow

Source: Learning Outcome synthesized from Cambridge Syllabuses


Unleash the beast within. Roar. Roar Loud

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S for Societies and S for Skills. Very Apt!

At WHSS, our vibrant societies and student body along with the Patrons harness your inner Mozart, Picasso, Cicero and let your work create splashes across the board. Here is the foundation of your development as an organizer, designer, creator, implementer and above all a leader!


Skill Pallette:

Creativity, Design

Time & Resource Management,

Painting, Doodling, Photography, Videography

Skill Pallette:

Money Management, Personal Selling, Entrepreneurship,

Idea Generation, Team Work

Skill Pallette:

Personal and Public Communication, Negotiation, Management, 


Skill Pallette:

Leadership, Vision Setting, Budgeting, Proposal Creation & Presenting

Negotiation, Execution

Skill Pallette:

Oration, Debating, Argument Defense & Rebuttal, Communication & Articulation, Reasoning & Logic, 

Skill Pallette:

Team Work, Adventure Spirit, Organization and Discipline


Skill Pallette:

Enhancement of Knowledge,

Current Affairs,

Subject Grip and Mastery,

Team Work, Time Management 


Skill Pallette:

Enhancement of Knowledge,

Current Affairs,

Subject Grip and Mastery,

Team Work, Time Management 

Hover on the pic to enter the WHSS Society pages 
Hover on the pic to enter the WHSS House pages 
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WHSS through the hard work of its teachers and the equal participation of its students has made it a trustworthy name of academic excellence and a portal towards achieving your professional and personal goals. Nothing is as fulfilling as to see our students racing towards thier ambitions and making their dreams come true. 

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