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The Pillars for Academic Excellence

Our structure of academic excellence at WHSS is based on some key principles which acts as beacons on our path to outstanding results and performances. 


Competency Based Learning

This ground-breaking new way to teach is being implemented Globally as you are reading this paragraph.

At WHSS, our students learn concepts for life. We focus on teaching skills rather than chapters so that the students can develop and excel on his own. 

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Acclaimed Teaching Staff

Experienced, Highly Qualified Faculty with Proven Track record and thirst to continuously evolve. Each faculty is dedicated to make you achieve the grade of your dreams. 

There are Subject-based Tutors and TAs at WHSS to help Students with problems and queries at school.


Robust Assessment

Fire forges Metal.

And your mettle is forged by how engaged you are at school and at home.

WHSS curates Assignments, Quizzes, Term Exams, Grand Tests and Mocks to harness your talent for a higher grade. 

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Individual Attention

Students are different with their learning abilities and requirements. These differences are respected at WHSS and incorporated to address issues on an individual basis.

Robust Parent Teacher Conversations

At WHSS, we move beyond having meetings with Parents, rather we have conversations.

Meetings end. Conversations linger and develop into continual actions. Continual actions lead to continuous improvements. Incremental change become habits which stay on for life.

All conversations are recorded and the performance of children are periodically mapped. customized performance improvement plans are developed to help the students fulfil their true potential.

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