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About the Dean

Mohammad Wahaj Hussain is an academic, assisting thousands of students each year in different capacities. Whether it be as a role of a teacher, mentor, councilor or patron, he ensures that those he directly and indirectly influence reach their full potential. Starting from a humble educational institute, his perseverance, intellect and relentless passion towards the uplifting of the students spawned into a successful school and well renowned A level College:  The WHALES College. His mantra of continuous improvement has made him achieve many accolades and has been credited in the mainstream media as responsible for reducing the impact of informal education in the society. An MBA for the prestigious Institute of Business Administration, Karachi; the Dean continuous his own academic evolution by becoming a certified councilor for destinations such as the US, UK, Ireland, Australia and Canada. This immensely helps those who want a reliable advice on choosing their educational destination and career options.

The Dean has been awarded the Guinness World Record for arranging the elements of periodic table in the shortest amount of time in 2018. His daughter is also the youngest Guinness World Record Holder of Pakistan and has been featured extensively in the local and international media. Mr. Wahaj has also been part of various international conferences around the world, held by Cambridge to continuously implement new learning methods and platforms at his schools so that the students can get closer to academic excellence. His philosophy regarding education is holistic and goes beyond the traditional learning methods. This led him to devise the Trailblazer program, which revolves around imparting 21st century skills to the students at WHSS. The dean also takes great interest in ensuring the mental growth is augmented by physical growth. WHSS boasts one of the better sporting units in the city and this is a testament to the Dean's vision.


The Dean has also completed courses on education from the University of Glasgow. Hence, Mr. Wahaj not only possesses the intention to help the students but is wholly equipped with competencies to lead them to academic excellence. 

The Soaring Flight

You are what you achieve and do, hence the slideshow below gives a glimpse on the achievements of the Dean of WHSS.

The Dean of WHSS was nominated as an Education Icon in the Apna Karachi Awards for 2021-22 and by the grace of good won the award. The picture on the right shows the award being presented to the Dean by the Honorable Mr. Nasir Ali Shah, Minister, Local Government, Housing & Town Planning, Public Health Engineering.

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The Dean in Social & Mainstream Media.

You are what you achieve and do, hence the slideshow below gives a glimpse on the achievements of the Dean of WHSS.

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A HUM News Exclusive on the Guiness World Records set by the Dean and his daughter.

(Click on the picture to access the video).

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The Dean's exclusive interview at Radio Pakistan FM 93 on career guidance for the youth and the challenges faced by the Education sector in Pakistan.

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Hum News & Dawn News coverage of the event "WHALES Sports Festival".  WSF is one of the largest sporting events of the city.

(Click on the picture to access the video).

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K21's coverage of the dean on his vision for creativity in todays academics.

(Click on the picture to access the video).

The Dean stresses the importance of spirituality in the lives of the students in an interview given to K21 on the occasion of Mehfil-e-Milad.

A Jang News exclusive the Dean's vision for Education and his achievements so far.

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In the realm of the entreprenuer

The Dean has a very strong entrepreneurial spirit and has proved his mettle time and time again. A strong testament to this statement are the three thriving education institutes which are carved out of his vision, dedication and unflinching resolve to succeed.

WHSS: Junior Section


WHSS Junior Campus from Pre-School to Grade 7 is one of the more credible name in schools of Karachi having been in existence for nearly 7 years and producing success stories on a daily basis. Cambridge based curriculum and strong human and social values are the hallmarks of the school.

WHSS: Senior Section


WHSS Senior Campus catering to the students of Grade 8, all the way to O levels is acclaimed in the city for producing one of the best results in town and distinctions in the CAIEs. Strong sports setup and focus on 21st century skills enable students to be holistic achievers and leaders of tomorrow.  

WHALES College


WHALES College is the result of years of passionate hard work and dedication in crafting on of the city's most reliable name in A level Education.  Boasting a roster of renowned faculty with proven track record, an integrated counselling department and vibrant society setup create future proof leaders.

As an agent of Social Change: Youth Upliftment Initiatives

The Dean embodies qualities that drive positive change. With a commitment to social impact, innovative problem-solving, collaboration, sustainability, and empowering student voice, he inspires students to become agents of change. The Dean has leveraged the field of sports and other constructive means to foster an environment of social change where the youth have more platforms to show case their talent and to make their mark on the future.

One manifestation of this is the WHALES SPORTS FESTIVAL where athletes from all over the city compete with each other highlighting their talents and paving their way to remain in sporting spotlight. 

GP pannel.jpg

In his quest to uplift the Youth and motivate them towards creativity, the Dean initiated the WHALES Guinness Training Program which was aimed at creating the highest number of Guiness World Record Holders in the field of Education in the country. By the grace of good, he was able to realize his vision in the form of 16 World Records being awarded under the program. This was a unique and a one-off program of its kind at the primary and secondary education level. 

Not only the Dean is a Guiness World Record holder himself, but he maintained the same vision for his students as he did for himself: Harnessing your potential. With this vision, the program not only brought pride to the WHSS School and WHALES College but to the entire nation as Pakistan had now more reasons to celebrate. 

List of World Record Holders

Gallery: WHALES Guinness Training Program

caie pannel.jpg

Appreciating performance and achievement is a strong cornerstone of uplifting the youth. In this regard the Dean lauds the top performers in CAIEs by hosting the Annual CAIE Award Ceremony where the O and A Level High Achievers of his institutions are acknowledged and awarded with shields and prizes such as Laptops. The beaming parents and proud students are a testament to the Dean's vision of creating a cutting-edge educational program.

The Dean as a Counselor: Building the future one student at a time

Due to his vast experience in the field and certifications as a professional counselor, the Dean has been at the forefront of professional academic counseling paving the way for many students to set their goals and turn them into reality. Not only as a counselor but the Dean has been active as a guest speaker on multiple forums such as The IQRA University and on Radio FM 93

The Dean also is a renowned academic counselor guiding student on their academic future which is optimal for their aptitude,  skill and background. Guidance of such high caliber not only helps the student in the short term but enables the students to become a future proof professional.

The Dean is a strong proponent of creating linkages and collaborations for the better development of the students and other key stakeholders. Therefore in the past few years the stalwarts of industry, commerce, education , philanthropy and sports have all graced the institutions and have imparted wisdom to survive tomorrow's world. 

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