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The Temple of Growth: The Classroom

Classroom is the main area of student development. This sanctum is where the students realize the potential and fulfil its promise. Teachers, tutors and mentors mold, with a deft touch, your characters helping you grow. They nurture your development process. 

But is a good coach the only things which makes Babar Azam, Babar Azam?

No. Its must surely be NET PRACTICE! 

And for WHSS, Net Practice is the robust testing system and performance monitoring at WHSS. 

Dive down for a more extensive look at what makes WHSS one of the best O Level school in town.

English Enabled

WHSS lays a strong emphasis on developing English speaking and writing skills. The medium of communication in class revolves around English with added focus on pronunciation. Watch a small sample of what goes in our class rooms as Ms. Nadia Imran tries to build up the vocabulary of our students.

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