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Meet the Houses

Houses are the backbone of the student life at WHSS. As you enroll at WHSS, a house will be assigned to you based on a process of looking at your hobbies, skills, the gender and skill balance between houses and your specific personality type. Each House is managed by a House Captain and a Vice Captain selected on a very stringent eligibility criteria.


Houses at WHSS represent the 4 elements necessary for survival, each one with its own traits and strengths.

Testimonials of House Captains: Session 2021-22

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Ayesha Tariq

House Captain, Fire

Oh wow, what a rush! Leading the best house at WHSS was a privilege and an experience of a lifetime. It made me better in dealing with stress and people in general.  Teamwork, collaboration, empathy for others and a never ending supply of courage is what you need to succeed as a House captain. 

Taha Iqbal

House Captain, Air

Probably the highlight of my time at WHSS. Toughest to manage expectations of so many different people, but Alhamdulillah we managed to do well. It is a challenge to manage studies and the House duties but this is how you grow: by accepting challenges. Sports were our strongest area I made sure that we achieve success as a team. 

Moin Siddiqui

House Captain, Earth

I am proud to be selected as a house captain for Earth. We were able to win top positions in quizzes and a few sports competition at school. I believe that planning and knowing your teammates and their strengths and weaknesses is what makes you succeed as a House Captain. I thank the Student Affairs department at WHSS for making my dreams come true.

Malaika Mustafa

House Captain, Water 

I had the opportunity to be the 

house captain of Fire, probably the most happening of all houses. It was an immense, intense experience which will help me to grow into a leader I aspire to become. It was Challenging to say the least but am honored to be selected as someone who could lead a large group to multiple successes.

Do you have what it takes to become a Captain

The word Captain commands respect but as a wise uncle of a very popular web slinging comic character once said, "With Great powers, come great responsibilities". We at WHSS look at a variety of traits when selecting House Captains. If you want to imbibe skills and traits which will set you apart from the pack, then becoming a House Captain will do wonders to your confidence, academic and professional careers and life in general.


Passionate. Bold. Energetic


Fire is hot, bright and happening. It affects everyone around it. It is warm and a constant source of life. A perfect home for you if you like to make a headline, if you are a risk taker and are not afraid to make a statement, even if it burns!

For Session 2021-22:

House Captain: Ayesha Tariq

House Vice Captain: Rayyan Ali



Strong. Silent. Superior

Always in motion, Air can move all other elements. Free-flowing and with mind of its own. Resilient enough to change landscapes. If you are unrelenting in your efforts, like to remain in the background but have the power to harness life around you, then welcome, Air is your home.

For Session 2021-22:

House Captain: Taha Iqbal

House Vice Captain: Aafia Arif



Solid. Unshakeable. Evolving

Home of the creatives, Earth is continuously evolving. This is the home for those who believe they can curate the future. They have a strong sense of purpose and are very clear in their approach. Earth is home to people with multiple talents and skills just like it home to lakes, desserts, glaciers and more!

For Session 2021-22:

House Captain: Moien Siddiqui

House Vice Captain: Aaliyan Aqeel



Pure. Free Flowing.

Water is refreshing. Waters oozes energy and drop by drop becomes a force to reckon with. Water is flexible, and can adapt to challenges. Water can lift burden so if you can motivate and energize those around you and believe in team spirit, Water is your home.

For Session 2021-22:

House Captain: Malaika Mustafa

House Vice Captain: Maham Mukarram

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