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The WHSS Student

The WHSS students is the visualizer for tomorrow's success. He or she paints a picture of harmony, equity and an unflinching resolve to do "good" in the environment he or she operates. The following sections will elaborate on the house rules and the different values and actions we want our students to demonstarte


WHSS Student will obey the House Rules

School starts at 7:45 am and ends at 2:00 PM. Be on time. Lack of punctuality refers to a lack of interest towards your own learning and development. 


Uniform means "standardized". A uniform of a school is meant to make all students an equal member of a family. This is your pride. Soiled, torn uniform is unacceptable at WHSS.


According to the teachings of the Holy Quran, best among us are those who protect each other with their words and actions. Vandalism and violence is treated with zero-tolerance at WHSS.


Poor attendance creates unnecessary hurdles and barriers in the road towards learning and continuous growth. It detaches your from the class and reduces the chances of better grades.

absent (1).png

Trolling,  bullying whether physical and online and indulging in activities which are socially unacceptable or puts the name of WHSS in disrepute are unacceptable.


WHSS Student will have a strong moral compass

A moral compass is the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and to always do the right thing, even if it the unpopular choice. The morality of things is at the center of WHSS's philosophy and we expect our student to be the ambassadors of ethics and fortitude of the future.

Eid Milad Un Nabi

One very important cornerstone towards having a strong moral compas is religious enlightenment. WHSS celebrates religious occasions with fervor while maintaining their sanctity so that its students also have a strong inclination towards the path of enlightenment and spirituality. In this vien, WHSS Celeberates Eid Milad un Nabi with zeal and fervor as can be witnessed in the picture box below.

Youth Club Sessions

As a continuous process of career building WHSS engages with various influencers of today such as youth Club who have regularly held sessions on important issues such as mindfulness and bullying. 


WHSS Student will be participative

In order to make model citizens for tomorrow, WHSS realizes the need to inculcate political acumen, decorum and participation among its students. Therefore WHSS has a Student Council which is a unique way of running societies and houses and holding them accountable.

Each grade has three representatives which sit in the Student Council and comprise of the Treasury and Opposition benches. All society managers keep their proposals in front of the group and it is then voted upon. 

The students learn the following through the Council Setup:

1. Articulation of Ideas

2. Argument and Defense of Ideas

3. Presenting and crafting of Persuasive Presentations

4. Empathizing with others

5. Taking ownership of school activities as a group

WHSS Student Government
person-holding-light-bulb-with-graduation-cap (1).jpg

WHSS Student will be English fluent

WHSS realizes that English acts as a gate keeper in most countries of the world, letting students' progress to the top of the professional world based on their proficiency in the language.

Keeping this in mind, WHSS strives to inculcate English in class, whether it is in the form of in-class communication, presentations, coursework or even as language being spoken at social forums.


This frequent communication in the language will help the students develop a keen comprehension which will enable them to read and write effectively.

WHSS Student will be a Risk taker

Life is full of challenges and the ability to successfully navigates them is the difference between the Have Mores and Have Nots.

WHSS expects its students to be bold and take challenges in their stride. To foster this ability, WHSS engages students in entrepreneurial ventures such as the 2023 Bake Sale where students simulated a small business in a competitive environment.

From setting up a stall, finding the rigth product and partners, raising the finances and then executing their business plans; the level of learning which the students went through has been immense. A truly life changing experience.

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